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Harmonic Scalpels

The Harmonic scalpel is a cutting instrument used during surgical procedures. This instrument is similar to an electrosurgical HF electrode, but superior in that it can cut through thicker tissue, creates less smoke, and may offer greater precision to surgeons.

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Repair Service - Harmonic Scalpels


Harmonic Scalpels are ultrasonic instruments which operate at 55.000Hz and at a much lower temperature than traditional surgical units. Harmonic Scalpels are used in all types of open and laparoscopic procedures and are very similar to phaco hand-piece in technology. The scalpel has all of the same type components as the phaco hand-piece: four piezoelectric crystals, connector, cable, electrodes, o-rings and seals. Repair procedure mimics that of the phaco hand-pieces: complete disassembly of scalpel, discard cable, connector, crystals, electrodes and o-rings. We offer repair of all 3 generations of Ethicon* harmonic scalpel and the new Blue hand-piece.

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