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Oxygen Sensors

EO2 Series                                                                                                                   
Oxygen sensors are designed for medical O2 delivery equipment and systems. We offer the most comprehensive range of sensors for a wide variety of respiratory and anaesthesia applications. Please request here
your compatibility chart for further information.
Ref. E-01 compatible Ohmeda 0237-2034-700
Ref. E-03 compatible MSA Mini-Ox I-III
Ref. E-05 compatible Hamilton Amadeus
Ref. E-07 compatible Ohmeda 6051-0000-219
Ref. E-09 compatible Devilbiss 02ANA-101
Ref. E-11 compatible Stephan Stephanie
Ref. E-14 compatible Airshields 6736140
Ref. E-43 compatible Ohmeda Giraffe
Ref. E-02 compatible Dräger Evita
Ref. E-04 compatible EME Infant Flow
Ref. E-06 compatible Hudson 5529/5550/5552
Ref. E-08 compatible Dräger I-8000
Ref. E-10 compatible Ohmeda 6050-0004-110
Ref. E-12 compatible Airshields Isolette C2000
Ref. E-25 compatible Mercury 6736140