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NIBP Cuffs & Hoses


  • Pediatric (13-20cm)
  • Infant (08-14cm)
  • Adult Small (18-26cm)
  • Adult Medium (26-35cm)
  • Adult Large (32-42cm)
  • Adult Extra-Large (42-50cm)
1T & 2T Series                                                                 
Reusable NIBP Cuffs, 1 & 2 Tubes
The Megos family of reusable blood pressure cuffs lets deliver customized care for virtually all of automated NIBP monitoring needs. Our durable single and double-hose cuffs feature latex free design for total patient and operator safety. Some of the connections available are:
Bayonet plastic      Bayonet metal       BH Coupler
Luer* Female         IH Coupler            BI Coupler x2
and some others as: Luer Male, Screw, Bayonet x2, Screw x2, BH Coupler x2
*Note: If the device selected includes Luer system connectors, you must take cautions to avoid the connection with another device with compatible connectors with those.
1TD & 2TD Series                                                            
Disposable NBIP Cuffs, 1 & 2 Tubes
# Single Tube                                 Double Tube
1TD0N-01  Size 1   3.3-5.6 cm        2TD0N-01  Size 1   3.3-5.6 cm
1TD0N-02  Size 2   4.2-7.1 cm        2TD0N-02  Size 2   4.2-7.1 cm
1TD0N-03  Size 3   5-10.5 cm         2TD0N-03  Size 3   5-10.5 cm
1TD0N-04  Size 4   6.9-11.7 cm      2TD0N-04  Size 4   6.9-11.7 cm
1TD0N-05  Size 5   8.9-15 cm         2TD0N-05  Size 5   8.9-15 cm
Fig.1  Luer male single tube                             Fig.2  Luer male double tube
2261 Series                                                                      
NIBP Reusable Hoses
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